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Water Testing

Picture of a Chlorine and PH water testing kit showing that the water has high chlorine and is probably not safe to drink. In the background you can see a faucet and water being poured into a glass. This tells you that the tap water is what has the high chlorine content.

Fast Water Quality Testing

Water quality testing at your home is a quick process. Whether your goal is to check the quality during the sale process or see what your current home offers, Chicagoland Inspections can do a quick chemical analysis on site. We’ll break down what the outcomes mean and answer any questions you have.


Dave Toepper, founder of Chicagoland Home Inspections, is a state-certified water quality tester. He uses these skills for residential inspections, but in the past he used them to evaluate and maintain water safety for an entire town. As the Director of Infrastructure, Dave oversaw daily readings from multiple wells and balanced the readings as needed.

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